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By Nornoriel Lokason

[Snip] Hi, I’m Nono, and I’m a Vanatru Lokean Luciferian on the Left Hand Path. I am also a social justice blogger.

One of the questions I’ve been asked is how I reconcile the Left Hand Path and my social justice convictions. If you’re used to the “might makes right” version of the LHP that looks down on those who are struggling as “weak” and even “lesser than”, then I suppose it seems like a contradictory point of view. However, in my experience, being into social justice and the Left Hand Path is not only not necessarily contradictory, but they go hand in hand.

To back up a bit… the Left Hand Path is a philosophy that rejects societal convention and the status quo, and often implements practices considered taboo – such as sex magick. When applied to spirituality, the Right Hand Path can include the worship of deities, often with the implication of the deity having “power over”, while it is common for Left Hand Path practitioners to see themselves as partnering with (“power with”) a deity (if they work with spirits), or even on the path to attaining godhood or something close to it. The Right Hand Path often focuses on community and helping others, while the Left Hand Path tends to focus on one’s own advancement and personal betterment.

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