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The Neo-Pagan Mysteries, Part 7: The Mother and the Son

By John Halstead

[Snip] In some version of Neo-Pagan myth, the Goddess and the God represent two dimensions of life: The Goddess represents the whole, while the God, her son, represents the part. The Goddess, is the eternal cycle of the whole, the unity of life and death as a single process. The God is manifest life, subject to the cyclical process of birth, flowering, decay, death and rebirth. This distinction resembles the distinction between Indian concepts of Brahman and atman and between natura naturans (nature naturing) and natura naturata (nature natured) drawn by Spinoza, Emerson, Coleridge, Robert Corrington and others.

“The Great Goddess … was the arch personification of the power of Space, Time, and Matter, within whose bound all beings arise and die: the substance of their bodies, configurator of their lives and thoughts, and receiver of their dead. And everything having form or name—including God personified as good or evil, merciful or wrathful—was her child, within her womb.”

– Joseph Campbell

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