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The Lover’s Path Tarot

Reviewed by BadWitch

[Snip] There are just so many things I like about Lover’s Path Tarot.The artwork, which has an Italian Renaissance style, is gorgeous. The pictures are beautiful and full of symbolism that really helps with intuitive readings. Each of the major arcana cards is based on a traditional love story. For example, Wisdom (the High Priestess) shows Shahrazade, Tradition (the Hierophant) shows Romeo and Juliet, Transformation (Death) shows Persephone and Pluto.

What I like most is the deck’s emphasis that: “All love relationships mirror our relationship with ourselves. They ultimately reflect our relationship with the world around us – how we think others see us, what we believe we are worth of. Our beliefs about love relationships can even embody our thoughts about how we feel the universe nurtures and supports us.”

The Lover’s Path is about our own personal development through the stories love weaves in our own lives – the good times and the bad, the joy and the pain.

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