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Does the Media Depict Witchcraft as Evil?

By BadWitch

[Snip] Wicca and similar forms of modern pagan witchcraft have only been in the eyes of the media since the mid 20th century – and certainly back in the early days newspapers produced a few horribly inaccurate reports that depicted Wiccans as evil, although even then most journalists tried to report the truth. . . . → Read More: Does the Media Depict Witchcraft as Evil?

When Wicca is Not Wicca

By Jason Mankey

I’ve always believed in “big” definitions. I’d rather use an expansive definition that includes as many people as possible instead of one constructed to simply limit access. I believe in a big-tent approach to Paganism, and that approach extends to how I define the terms Wicca and Witchcraft. When asked to specifically . . . → Read More: When Wicca is Not Wicca


A helpful guide for getting that special spirit in your life the perfect gift

By Brennos

Anyone that works with gods or spirits knows that making offerings ends up becoming a large part of regular practice. Offerings are one of the main methods for the living to make contact with and maintain relationship to the . . . → Read More: Offerings

What Do the Gods Know When They Know Us?

By Edward Butler

‘Like is known by like’ is an ancient and widely applied axiom in Hellenic thought, and some similar axiom probably can be found in many other traditions of thought—albeit we must always remember that being widely held is no index of truth. Rather, axioms must be assessed by the value of the . . . → Read More: What Do the Gods Know When They Know Us?

Mola Salsa: Sacred Flour from the Hearth of Rome’s Vestal Virgins

By Caroline Tully

The perpetually-burning fire in the aedes Vestae was considered to be essential to the safeguarding and continuation of the Roman state. As the public hearth situated in the center of Rome, the Vestal fire was the focus and symbolised the nucleus of the collective home that was Rome. The primary activity performed . . . → Read More: Mola Salsa: Sacred Flour from the Hearth of Rome’s Vestal Virgins

Impossible Standards of Devotion?

By Galina Kasskova

I hear this a lot, and see it percolating every so often through elements of both the Pagan and Polytheist communities, this idea that some of us are advocating impossible standards of devotion. I always wonder what that means. Devotion after all is such a personal thing that even within the most . . . → Read More: Impossible Standards of Devotion?

The Theban Oracle, by Greg Jenkins

Review by Molly Khan

[Snip] I was very excited to find The Theban Oracle by Greg Jenkins. Historically, the Theban alphabet was first published in the 1500’s, though it is attributed there to Honorius of Thebes, a possibly mythical magician of whom we know very little. It has been picked up in the last few . . . → Read More: The Theban Oracle, by Greg Jenkins

Creating Your Reality

By Nimue Brown

One of the concepts in magical and spiritual thinking that could use some fettling is the notion that we create our own realities. To a significant extent, we shape and inform our own experiences. However, this is not about reality conforming to our desires. It’s not about ‘doing magic’ as a thing . . . → Read More: Creating Your Reality

Ani in the Underworld: A Journey of Transformation for All (Part 2)

By Holli Emore

[Snip] So, what is all this about Osiris? I don’t know about you, but there are some times when I have felt very beat up by life, even broken in pieces the way Set did Osiris. I have felt lost, scattered all over like Osiris’ body parts all over Egypt. I have . . . → Read More: Ani in the Underworld: A Journey of Transformation for All (Part 2)

Homemade Magick, by Lon Milo DuQuette

Reviewed by Psyche

[Snip] DuQuette has been a practicing magician for four decades, and was initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis in 1975, and founded a lodge in 1976 that remains the longest continuously operating lodge in the United States. Since 1996, he has been an OTO Deputy Grand Master, and also serves as an . . . → Read More: Homemade Magick, by Lon Milo DuQuette