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To Stand or to Sit in Ritual

By Jason Mankey

This past weekend I was chatting with some friends about various Pagan things while waiting for my local open circle’s Imbolc ritual to start. Talk eventually turned to my coven and a local High Priest I consider a friend and mentor turned to me and said “I heard you don’t let anyone sit down at your rituals.” I was kind of taken aback by the question. I don’t make anyone do anything, but I certainly have preferences and my preference is generally to stand.

I think one of the reasons my friend asked is that he has mobility issues and is interested in our upcoming “open house” next month. Certainly I understand such things, I have serious knee issues and have trouble kneeling and sitting on my knees, so I’m completely sympathetic. Before I answered my friend I did laugh a little bit. I have a coven sister with a bad back, she often sits during ritual and we keep a couple of seats in our Temple Room to make sure everyone is comfortable. But in a bigger sense, I completely admit to preferring that people stand during ritual.

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