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The Theban Oracle, by Greg Jenkins

Review by Molly Khan

[Snip] I was very excited to find The Theban Oracle by Greg Jenkins. Historically, the Theban alphabet was first published in the 1500’s, though it is attributed there to Honorius of Thebes, a possibly mythical magician of whom we know very little. It has been picked up in the last few decades as a witch’s alphabet, sometimes used by Wiccans and others with a witchcraft bent to hide the information written in their Book of Shadows. I personally never worked with this alphabet, and so I came at this book with little background knowledge of the letters themselves.

Historically, the Theban alphabet is not particularly linked with divination or fortune-telling; this system is an invention of the author, Greg Jenkins. There are some who would be dissuaded by this, but honestly, most of our modern systems of divination are just that – modern. I appreciate the author’s refreshing candor regarding the origins of this system, and I think it makes for a more interesting system as a whole. The ancient letters themselves provide a beautiful and atmospheric backdrop to Jenkins’s innovative ideas, and also lend a certain weight of the ages to the oracle.

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