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Planets for Pagans, by Rena Shesso

Reviewed by Lilith Dorsey

I was a bit skeptical when I got this book to review, I feel like I say that about every Pagan book but it’s kind of true. Most Pagans have a working or better knowledge of astrology and sacred sites. This book Planets for Pagans, by Rena Shesso, attempts to expand this knowledge and make useful connections and insights. The main reason I was wary is that this a a reprint of an earlier work. But I guess we all need an upgrade for a new era, so I checked it out.

Planets for Pagans covers many interesting topics. It’s foundation is obviously astrology. Now, I’m not a consummate expert, but I have taught and studied astrology for several years. Every magickal person should have a decent comprehension of the planets and how they affect our lives and the world around us. This book has information for beginners and experts alike, it not only details each of the celestial bodies and their properties, but also gives us new and exciting ways to explore their energies. Ms. Shesso gives practical information, and then thoughtfully reminds you to trust your own instincts. There are many references to other types of magicks and the eclectic Pagan should welcome the connections to Tarot, Animals, Mythology and Spellcrafting. I just wish there was more of this in the book.

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