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Ani in the Underworld: A Journey of Transformation for All (Part 2)

By Holli Emore

[Snip] So, what is all this about Osiris? I don’t know about you, but there are some times when I have felt very beat up by life, even broken in pieces the way Set did Osiris. I have felt lost, scattered all over like Osiris’ body parts all over Egypt. I have felt swept by the flood downstream and out to sea, completely overwhelmed. Like Isis, I have wandered from place to place and through the desert, trying to find all the missing pieces of myself and trying to figure out how to put them back together again. Anyone else felt that too? It feels dark, doesn’t it? Everything out there begins to look like a crocodile, or a singing snake, maybe. We wish we had a handbook for getting through the dark.

Osiris is kind of like Jesus – he’s the first one to die and come back to life. To be sure, Isis is the one who found all his parts, got Anubis to bind him up like a mummy, then worked her deep magic on him. So, if I need a role model for getting through the hard times, Osiris is a good one. That’s why Ani claims to be like Osiris, even to be an Osiris. But even when he was revived, Osiris could not return to this world, which is why he became the god of the underworld, causing the crops to germinate and grow every year. He managed to impregnate Isis before moving on, and their child Horus carries his life on into a new solar world, while Osiris continues to ensure the fecundity and fertility of the earth.

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