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What is a Lokean?

By Dagulf Loptson

[Snip] Back when I first started to explore Heathenry, the word Lokean was used to describe a Heathen or Pagan whose “patron” or “fulltrui” was Loki, or someone who viewed Loki positively and included them in their worship. I think I first came across this word on the now defunct “Loki Cult” website, before I adopted it to describe myself. Since that time, my exact definition hasn’t changed all that much. A Lokean is someone who (whether they describe themselves as Heathen, Pagan, or something else) worships and works with Loki as the primary deity in their personal practice. Some people in the past few years have begun to use the word Lokean as if it were an independent religion in its own right, which has never been my understanding. In my opinion, taking Loki completely out of his cultural landscape and focusing only on him to the point of ignoring the existence of the other Norse Gods essentially strips him of his role in the natural and spiritual world. Being aware of who he is and how he interacts with the other gods in his Pantheon is important, but I don’t think it’s mandatory that someone identify as “Heathen” in order to be Lokean. However, many did and still do.

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