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Hecate’s Fountain, by Kenneth Grant

Reviewed in Living Traditions

The publication of new editions of the works of Kenneth Grant by Starfire Publishing continues with Hecate’s Fountain. Originally released by Skoob in 1992 this new edition is marked by many improvements, it has been released in a run of 1500 newly typeset with superb endpapers, lots of illustrations as well as corrections which Kenneth Grant noted in his personal copy of the Skoob edition of the book. As with all the Stafire Publishing editions it is of the highest quality with a truly original cover and powerful colour and black and white art. This is book six in the three trilogies by Grant and closes the second series, it is a title which many have been eagerly awaiting as it has reached high prices on the second hand market and explores the concept of the Mauve Zone in a great detail.

The focus of Hecate’s Fountain is on the work of the New Isis Lodge (1955 to 1962) and the consequences of its rites and workings. As Grant explored the works of HP Lovecraft and possible incursions into our reality of alien intelligences he began to elucidate a new system of radical tantra which facilitated contact with such beings. While many see Lovecraft’s work as simple fiction, Grant suggests that regardless of Lovecraft’s personal protestations to the contrary, that it represented an approximation of a reality which existed between the dream state and dreamless sleep which Grant calls the Mauve Zone, even the so called Necronomicon can be seen in this light as a real but astral grimoire. While many claim such connections are speculations or worse delusions years of practical work by practitioners working with this system has clearly proved otherwise. Grant also explores this understanding in relation to the Vodoun Gnosis and Cult of the Black Snake of Michael Bertiaux, the Chronozon Club of C.R. Russell and other modern schools of the magick showing how their workings have uncovered a similar reality.

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