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Revisiting “Working With”

By Devo

[Snip] The biggest reasons that I often see people use for why you should never say “I work with my god” is because people are assuming a few things about the relationship:

1. that you view your deity like a tool that is to be used and then discarded
2. that you view yourself on the same level as the deity (sometimes labeled as hubris)
3. that you have no respect for your god

Now I have to admit that I’ve never entirely understood most of these “arguments” against the “I work with XYZ deity” phrase. I feel that many of these arguments have excessive baggage tied to them that shouldn’t necessarily be there. This becomes obvious when you compare the different uses and applications of the phrase “I work with” in a non-religious context. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever held down a job, you’ll likely know what I mean.

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