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Molybdomancy: Divining with Metal and Water

By Polly Macdavid

[Snip] Molybdomancy is the melting of metal, usually lead, then pouring it into water and observing what shape it takes and determining the future accordingly. writes that the practice originated in Ancient Greece and was used in the Middle Ages to cure sickness and for medical prognosis. Also that witch hunters used molybdomancy to determine if individuals had been victims of bewitchment. Not only did they observe the shapes of the molten lead, they also listened to the “noises and hisses” of the hot metal when it was dropped into the cold water, since omens were apparent in sounds as well as shapes. . . .

However, if you want to try this at home and you don’t want to melt any metal or you just don’t have any on hand, use a candle instead. On the blog, “ of divination,” Cassandra Eason advises using a light or pure white candle and letting the wax drip into a bowl of cold water. “As you let the wax fall, think of any New Year Resolution you have made and ask what the New Year will bring,” she writes. Take note of the shapes that appear and perhaps two or three of them will predict your future. “For example, a boat or plane might suggest that you would have to travel far to achieve your ambition, a baby that there may be an unexpected arrival in the family that may change your plans. Trust the first image or words that may come into your mind.”

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