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Consecrating Objects

By Jazz

Anything you purchase will have been handled by other people and will have traces of their energies on it. This especially applied to anything second-hand. Second-hand items could have been used for any number of purchases, including dark magic. Anything you tend to use magically will need previous energies removed. There are a large number of ways you can consecrate and cleanse and item. Some ways will work well with certain objects and not with others. Of course there are other ways that may be more convenient for you and also, the resources you have will also play a part. You should always follow what you feel is right and what you think will connect that object to you, or your purpose in the best way. I personally prefer to do most of my cleansing and consecrating outdoors if I can, of course, I live in Canada, so it’s a lot harder to do that during the winter. Sometimes you may want the sun or moon to shine down on it, as I do. I have various methods listed below, and feel free to take any of them, and make them your own.

An item could be a candle, a talisman, a crystal, or any number of things. When someone else comes to you for help with magic, it can sometimes be helpful if they bring an object they are connected to as it will link them to the magic. In these cases, consecrating it, may not be the ideal.

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