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Public Ritual Etiquette for Beginners

By Thea Sabin

[Snip] Public rituals are a good way to get your feet wet if you’re new to Wicca or Paganism. You can meet others who share your interests, and you can begin to learn about how rituals work and feel by participating in them. Public rituals usually feel a lot different from smaller, private ones, though, so if it’s possible, I recommend you try both kinds. I’ll cover private rituals in a later post.

What Should I Wear?

Unless there are guidelines about what to wear on the website or flyer where you found out about the ritual, chances are you can wear almost anything. I have seen people wear street clothes, ritual robes, sarongs, great kilts, bathrobes, lingerie, tie dye, caftans, head-to-toe leather, belly dance costumes, sarees, fetish wear, god or goddess costumes, animal costumes, fairy wings, armor and chain mail, nothing but body paint/glitter/henna designs/jewelry, and nothing at all. But, as with many things in life, just because you can do whatever you want doesn’t mean you should.

◾ DO wear clothing appropriate for the ritual venue (lighter clothing for a hot room full of people; heavier clothing for drafty or air-conditioned spaces; water, wind, or sun-resistant garb and appropriate footwear for outdoor rites).
◾ DO wear something that makes you feel good and gets you into a ritual frame of mind. Some Pagans keep special garb for rituals only, so whenever they put it on, they are preparing to be in sacred space. Others have special ritual jewelry.
◾ DO choose something that will continue to be comfortable if you have to wear it for several hours or stand for a long time.

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