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Plant and Fungus Totems, by Lupa

Connect with Spirits of Field, Forest, and Garden

Reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence

In her first book under the Llewellyn imprint, New Paths to Animal Totems: Three Alternative Approaches to Creating Your Own Totemism, Lupa set out three methods of connecting and working with animal totems: the Correspondences model, the Bioregional model, and the Archetypes model. In her new book, Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect with Spirits of Field, Forest, and Garden, she shows how these same three pathways can be used to connect and work with the totems of plants and fungi, as well. She points out that the way plant and fungus totems respond and communicate, and the way we perceive our interactions with them, are slightly different from the way we interact with animal totems: not only are most plants and fungus stationary — literally rooted where they stand, for the most part — but also that, although they mostly grow out of the earth, their major need is for sunlight, rather than soil. The standard tendency to consider plants as “of the earth” is true, but it’s equally true to consider them as creatures of sunlight.

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