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Walking the Heartroad: The Devotional Path for SpiritWorkers

Reviewed by Jolene Dawe

[Snip] I am on the fence about being a spirit-worker, myself. Once upon a time I thought: yes. These days, I think: anyone who interacts with the spirits and bring them further into this world is at least nominally a spirit-worker, and so: yes. But my devotional practice is not necessarily spirit-work in the way that most people might use the term and so I often think: close enough but in the end no. When I reread this book, I think: yes, yes, oh gods, obviously, yes!

It doesn’t matter much one way or the other – this book is a priceless bit of information, both for those walking a spirit-work, devotional, or otherwise god- and/or spirit- intense path, and for those who love them. It is written to help explain to ‘outsiders’ a little bit about how we tick. Maestas breaks the Heartroad down and makes it clear that, for him, devotion is about Love. He also stresses, from the beginning, that the one walking the path is the one who needs to determine how one is going to define said path. Service can have a multitude of manifestations, and for many that I know of, love is the beginning and end of the service, of the work..

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