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Why Modern Paganism is Good For Today's Families

By Debra Macleod

[Snip] I grew up in an atheist home. It was a happy, kind-hearted and good-humoured one, with parents who loved each other as much as they loved their kids (and who still do). We had our own traditions: summer trips to the cabin, car wash blitzes on the driveway and sledding in the winter. Suckers for a hard-luck story, we fostered stray animals — abused pups, orphaned ducklings, one-legged pigeons, you name it.

My dad — a self-proclaimed redneck — was a man ahead of his time. Despite living in Canada’s Evangelical Bible belt, he had the guts to speak up for gay rights at a time in our province when not many voices were. He was unflinching in his pro-choice stance and raised two daughters who never believed that a woman should “obey” a husband. Love and respect, absolutely. But obey? Fat chance.

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