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Moonphases and Dreamwork

By Dayna Winters

[Snip] This month we’re going to examine the moon phases and how they influence your dreams. We’re also going to examine how you can integrate moon phases when practicing dream incubation. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed dreams were of divine origin and that dreams carried messages from the gods to the dreamer. Supplicants sought out answers to mundane and spiritual questions through the practice of dream incubation. For instance, in ancient Egypt, a supplicant would enter into a temple featuring bedchambers; it was here the individual attempted to receive communications from the divine through dreams. The dreamer would focus on a specific question or desire in hopes he or she would receive guidance or prophetic messages from the gods.

The practice of dream incubation was (and remains) ritualistic, sometimes involving the act of fasting, wearing appropriate attire, and prayer to specific deities before sleeping. If the dreamer was uncertain about dream meaning upon waking, the supplicant would then seek out someone knowledgeable about dreams, like a priest or priestess, for assistance in decoding the meaning behind the messages received. With the understanding the moon influences your sleep quality and the type of dreams you have, you can consider tracking the moon cycle to learn more about your dreams and their meaning. You can also use the current phase of the moon in an effort to induce specific types of dreams. For more information on ancient dream incubation practices, see “The Fabric of Dreams: Dream Lore and Dream Interpretation, Ancient and Modern” by Katherine Taylor Kraig.

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