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The Sumerian Goddess Ningal

By Agaliha

Sumerian goddess, whose name means Great Lady, the wife of the moon god Nanna. She is the daughter of Enki, the Lord of the Sweet Waters, Crafts and Magick and Ningikuga, the Lady of the Pure Reed, and this is an indication of Ningal´s very ancient origins, because it is by the marshes of South Mesopotamia that the first settlements were built and reeds were the raw material widely used for constructions such as huts, shrines, sailing rafts, baskets, fences against seasonal floods etc. Together with Nanna, the Moon God and Her beloved consort, Ningal was worshipped at Ur, especially during the period of the Third Dynasty. The kings of Ur III bult Her the temple E-karzida, and dedicated statues and stelae to her.

Ningal´s character as far as the myths where She figures is concerned comprehend two fundamental phases in the life of EveryWoman. She is first the beloved daughter and maiden who becomes the joyous Bride of Nanna, the Moon Lord, a bit on the shy side who by herself finds out about love and her own sexuality wooing and being wooed by the most courteous and impetuous of all the young Anunnaki gods, Nanna the Moon, the Torch of the Night, the firstborn of Enlil and Ninlil, the Prince of the Gods.

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