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Tarot Beyond the Basics, by Anthony Louis

Reviewed by DragonHawk7

Anthony Louis brings us an enriching and thorough examination of the modern tarot by first introducing us to its fascinating history. He begins in China, where the paper and cards was created, then to Egypt and the Mamluk slave soldiers who played games with a deck of 52 playing cards, much like today’s playing card decks. Then he travels into Spain where the court cards are changed to include Kings, horsemen and pages. In Italy is where the queens were added and the church became involved in their design.

[Snip] In addition to Louis’ ability to bring to light the history of the tarot, he also has a way of expressing the deeper meanings of the cards in a way that is easy to follow. He first presents an idea and provides a sample reading using the common Celtic Cross spread. Then builds on that original concept throughout the rest of the text and reinforces the new information through examples using a more simple past-present-future layout. He also includes charts and tables to make it easier to comprehend the many connections he weaves. His work is well sourced, as indicated by the footnotes, and bibliography.

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