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Magic and Healing – The Power of the Mind

By Josephine McCarthy

In today’s crazy world of crappy foods, high level pollution and never ending stress, healing and the need to maintain the body is a constant worry for many. For magicians and healers, it is an even more important priority. Magicians become far more sensitive to external toxicity and healers these days often sag under the sheer volume of people who need help.Magic and magical techniques are one of many different options that can help maintain the body and also to assist in its recover from illness and injury. It is not a cure all and should be used alongside other alternative treatments and also allopathic medicines. By using the mind through meditation and visionary magic, the magician can affect subtle changes in how the body operates in order to assist the body in its journey towards balance and regeneration.

This is not a new idea and is something magicians, mystics and priesthoods have known for thousands of years. And it is something that science is starting to catch up with.

[Snip] However the commercial New Age movement has tapped into this ancient knowledge and has sold the idea that these subtle techniques can singularly cure everything from cancer to irritable bowel syndrome. That is not true, but these inner techniques can tip the scales in your favour and assist the body at very deep levels: the visionary and meditation techniques deal with the deep underlying energies, herbs/homeopathy/acupuncture can deal with the mid layer of disorder and allopathic medicines or surgery deal with the top manifest layer. Together, the body, subtle energy systems and the deep layer of spirit are assisted in recovery and health maintenance.

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