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How to Spot Psychic Scams and Spellcaster Frauds

By Khi Armand

[Snip] Smart people get scammed by fraudulent psychics everyday. Smart people lose precious valuables – even their life savings – to fake spellcasters everyday. It’s unfortunate, because these are sacred, necessary services. Always have been and always will be.

In a world that does everything to cut off our connection to the . . . → Read More: How to Spot Psychic Scams and Spellcaster Frauds

“In the Hilt is Fame”

Resonances of Medieval Swords and Sword-lore in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

By K.S. Whetter and R.Andrew McDonald

As part of the powerful and evocative scene in which the Company of the Nine embarks from Rivendell on the quest to return the One Ring to Mount Doom, J. R. R. . . . → Read More: “In the Hilt is Fame”

Exercises for Learner Druids

(Or, why I mostly don’t do that thing)

By Nimue Brown

I’m generally not a fan of little exercises for anyone, especially not delivered through this sort of medium. It’s one thing when you’re working directly with a student and helping them find things to explore, but with something like this, fired off randomly into . . . → Read More: Exercises for Learner Druids

Pagan Activist Starter Kit

By Courtney Weber

There is no shortage of Pagans willing to make their world a better place. There is a shortage of practical how-to manuals that can show us how to do this work. Whenever I share a story or a statement about something that I believe needs the attention of my community, I’m often . . . → Read More: Pagan Activist Starter Kit

The Alcis: the Divine Twins Among the Germanic Peoples

By jameybmartin

[Snip] The Alcis are a pair of twin brother gods worshiped among the early Germanic peoples. They are first mentioned in Cornelius Tacitus’ 1st century work Germania, where he writes,

“The Naharvali proudly point out a grove associated with an ancient worship. The presiding priest dresses like a woman; but the deities are . . . → Read More: The Alcis: the Divine Twins Among the Germanic Peoples

Sacrifice Does Not Mean Deprivation

By Erin Lale

[Snip] One thing that keeps coming up, which I am writing this essay because I feel the need to refute it, is the idea that sacrifice should mean hurting yourself or your family. That sacrifice means pain and deprivation. I think that’s the opposite of what sacrifice is supposed to be about. . . . → Read More: Sacrifice Does Not Mean Deprivation

Introduction to Intent

By Sable Aradia

[Snip] “Intent” is the Wellspring of All Magick.

I find that many people believe that they know what this means and how to do it, but in practice, forming clear and precise Intent, and willing it to happen, is not nearly as simple as it sounds. It takes training and effort and . . . → Read More: Introduction to Intent

Old Norse Elements in the Work of J.R.R. Tolkien

By Martin Wettstein

When John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was 23 Years old, he had already learned Greek, Latin, Anglo Saxon, Old English, Finnish, Welsh and Gothic and had already invented two own languages, called Nevbosh and Qenya. Together with his interest in languages there came up an interest in myths and legends of the countries . . . → Read More: Old Norse Elements in the Work of J.R.R. Tolkien

Plant and Fungus Totems, by Lupa

Connect with Spirits of Field, Forest, and Garden

Reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence

In her first book under the Llewellyn imprint, New Paths to Animal Totems: Three Alternative Approaches to Creating Your Own Totemism, Lupa set out three methods of connecting and working with animal totems: the Correspondences model, the Bioregional model, and the Archetypes model. . . . → Read More: Plant and Fungus Totems, by Lupa

Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient World, by Jan N. Bremmer

Reviewed by Hugh Bowden

In this short but thoroughly researched book, Jan Bremmer focuses on reconstructing the religious rituals of various mystery cults in antiquity. It is not therefore a study of ‘initiation’ as a general phenomenon, but of different initiation ceremonies. The implications of this are an issue to which I will return. The . . . → Read More: Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient World, by Jan N. Bremmer