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Being on the Margin of the Margins: The Dual-trad Thing

By Nornoriel Lokason

While I am best-known for my writings on the Vanir and Vanatru, I have not made it a secret that I am dual-trad: I have ties to a few entities within the infernal pantheon – Asmodai (also known as Asmodeus), the demon of wrath, is my patron.

I am far from being the only dual-trad person I know – for example, my friends Soli and Jo come immediately to mind, Soli is Kemetic and Heathen, Jo is Poseidon’s and also has a close relationship with Odin. I also know a number of eclectic pagans.

Eclectic paganism is fairly common in Wicca, where most of the Wiccans I personally know identify as eclectic (though adamantly not all) and in any case it’s common enough that most don’t bat an eyelash. Outside of Wicca, and particularly in certain polytheistic traditions, eclecticism tends to be maligned as “fluffy” and “flaky”, with the attitude of “pick a pantheon and stay with it”. I think this is unfair.

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