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Reasonances, by Carl Abrahamsson

Reviewed in Living Traditions

Carl Abrahamsson is a pioneer of modern occultism, his unique worldview comes from a deep understanding of Satanism, Thelema and TOPY (Temple of Psychic Youth). He is the founder of the highly respected journal The Fenris Wolf as well as the publishing house Edda Publishing. He is a writer,​curator,​photographer, documentary film maker and agent provocateur.

Reasonances is a collection of twenty three essays spanning thirteen years at the forefront of occulture and magic, followed an interview with the author. Throughout Abrahamsson thinks outside the box offering a truly creative and insightful examination of the intersection between magic and culture with a high level of clarity and provocation. The book is beautifully presented with a selection of eight photographs. The standard edition has been produced in a run of 530, each being hand numbered with a mandarin cloth cover with a silver gold unicorn on the front.

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