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Intertwined: Paganism and Christianity

By Jason Mankey

In many ways Christianity and Paganism are inter-twined. They’ve existed along-side each other for nearly 2000 years and often share a language and culture. I often lament Modern Paganism’s obsession with belittling Christianity but I understand it too. We live in the shadow of our much bigger cousin, and might only exist because he began to falter and was unable to maintain his monopoly.

Christianity emerged amongst pagans and most of its early converts were pagans. Once Christianity rose to prominence in the Roman Empire (and later Europe as a whole) it actively worked not just to suppress those paganisms it grew up with, but to actively destroy them. There were pagans of old who disliked Christianity, and there were even sporadic and half-hearted attempts to persecute the followers of Jesus, but never a systematic effort to eradicate Christians, it just didn’t happen.

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