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Moon Poets, by Trevor Greenfield (ed.)

Reviewed by Nimue Brown

Reviewing poetry is something I find tricky – poetry is inherently a lot more personal and subjective than other forms. With non-fiction you can say ‘this is solid’ or ‘this is full of dodgy logic’ with confidence, but a poet either speaks to your heart, or they don’t. And if they don’t, they might be able to speak to someone else’s. There are six poets in this literary gathering, four of whom I am entirely enchanted by, and the other two I rather liked.

So, here are some subjective reactions…

Robin Herne’s introduction raises the important question of how we even define Pagan poetry in the first place. For the purposes of this collection, it’s definitely Pagan authors with Pagan themes, but it is interesting to ask how we individually apply the term.

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