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Animal Spirits: Shapeshifting, Familiars, Companions

By Grant Guindon

Its been quite a while since I’ve shared on the topic of animal spirits and what they are to me personally. Throughout all my travels, apprenticeships, teachings and overall exposure to the spiritual realms I’ve experienced countless perspectives on the subject of animal spirits.

The first of which I would care to touch on is the idea of a companion ‘spirit’ of an animal that is present with a person much like a caretaker or a guide throughout parts of their lives. The idea of this sends off a subtle alarm in the back of my mind as a warning that often makes me question the reasoning behind why a person wants to believe that for instance they walk with a companion spirit of a badger. Some would claim that this spirit assists them in their lives and often states that the badger helps them understand human problems. I personally am not fond on this idea that a legitimate animal spirit would bother with something like finding ways to pay your bills, fixing your car and all variations of our human plights. Though I am open minded and I can understand how there would be some overlapping similarities in the life of a human and a badger, it leaves one to think just how deep that rabbit hole goes.

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