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Preparing the Way of the Gods

By John Beckett

Polytheists are a minority within a minority. Within the Big Tent of Paganism, our numbers are small compared to those for whom many Gods are an afterthought and Gods with agency aren’t even that. But even if you lump us together with occultists, kitchen witches, and tree huggers, we’re still extremely small compared to the dominant monotheists and the rapidly-growing atheists.

From our tiny vantage point in the present, we look back to a time before Christianity and Islam conquered Europe and the Middle East and then subjugated the Americas, back to a past where the presence of many Gods was a foundational assumption everyone would grow up understanding.

We look back, but not from some anachronistic nostalgia. We see the spiritual depth polytheism has brought us, we see the philosophical and practical benefits it offers, and we feel the call of our Gods. We look forward to a Polytheist Restoration, to a time when the worship of many Gods in many ways is no longer an an oddity but a commonplace practice.

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