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The Morrigan – Meeting the Great Queens, by Morgan Daimler

Reviewed by BadWitch

The Morrigan – the Celtic Goddess of Battle and Death – is a powerful feminine archetype: a maker and breaker of kings, a queen who rules in her own right, and mistress of magic. Morgan Daimler, Celtic Reconstructionist and author of a new book called The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens says that the Morrigan is often misunderstood by modern pagans. For a start, she isn’t one goddess, but three – or possibly more.

In ancient Irish tales, Morrigu, Macha and Badb are all called the Morrigan while other deities, including Nemain, Bé Neit, Áine, Grian, and even mother of the gods Danu, have even been given the title. The confusion doesn’t stop there. As Morgan Daimler points out: “Even the Morrigan’s name has many possible meanings… the current leading theory is that it means, roughly, nightmare queen – often given as phantom queen – although others still prefer the once popular “great queen” interpretation.”

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