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Devotional Polytheism: An Introduction, by Galina Krasskova

Reviewed by Niki Whiting

[Snip] The book is in two parts. Part one has chapters on subjects such as basic exercises, altars, ritual, and so on. The second section is basic outlines of how a weekly and yearly practice could look. Krasskova uses her Norse tradition, which doesn’t have much meaning for me, although the point is the structure, and I realize that much of my structure looks similar to hers.

Krasskova begins her book stating – and she reminds us of this throughout – that we get to decide for ourselves what our devotion looks like; the two most important things to remember are respect and consistency. Given that polytheist practices can vary wildly, I thought Krasskova’s basics were a nuanced way of embracing this reality. More importantly I really appreciated her repeated reminders to “start where you start.” Pick a practice and just begin. When it comes to personal devotion, I think just beginning is more important than doing it Right or Formally. Those things might be important later, but starting is the key.

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