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Quick Readings

By Barbara Moore

Being able to do quick (around five minutes) readings is a great skill to have if you read for parties or events. With the holiday season approaching, many of you will find yourself in situations where the quick reading will be helpful, such as for events or at parties with friends. It is also useful if you are short on time but have a client or friend who needs a quick reading. Quick readings help you learn to see the main point of a situation, determine the best way to address that point, communicate the answer clearly, and set boundaries with your querent. Practicing these skills will help you be clearer and sharper when performing longer readings as well.

What Not to Do

There are a few things that you should not do in order to keep the reading under five minutes, so we’ll them out of the way first:

1. No time for chatting

This is not the time to exchange philosophical ideas about tarot, destiny, and the future. If your querent has questions of this nature, suggest that they schedule another appointment for when you have more time.

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