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Divination: How to Ask Questions and Get Useful Answers

By Elizabeth

Divination from the querent’s end (the receiving side) might seem easy — you ask your questions, the diviner coughs up an answer, and you take that as it applies to your situation, right? Well, yes and no. Although essentially that’s how getting a reading works, there’s usually more to it than that. Asking the right sort of question can help you get the answers you really need, even if they aren’t the ones you initially thought you wanted (and if you’d only have the answers you want, you’re better off shaking a Magic 8-Ball until you get what you’re after, instead of pestering a diviner to hand them to you).

Unfortunately, it’s true that some people — annoying, smug people, I should clarify — like to deliberately ask vague questions in order to “test” the diviner’s skill or psychic ability. In my experience, most of the vague questions I get are asked for two reasons. Reason #1: the querent has a lot of complicated feelings about the issue(s) and has trouble putting them into words. Reason #2: the querent is hoping that the diviner will read his or her mind and magically come up with the answers they seek, without the querent risking embarassment or awkwardness in having to just baldly state whatever it is they want to know.

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