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Diviners and Oracles

By Galina Krasskova

What’s the difference between a diviner and an oracle?

[Snip] Basically, I differentiate between the two in the following manner: divination is a combination being able to tap into the wyrd, translate its flow and patterns, and then interpret them for a client. This may be done via inherent psi-gift, by negotiation/interaction with various Gods and/or spirits, and by means of careful training. It involves receiving messages and information from the Gods and ancestors and conveying that to the client. The diviner sits at the crossroads of heaven, earth, and the underworld as it were (to use very simplistic terminology) and watches all the currents, reporting on what is observed. The diviner has agency: the divination happens because the diviner sits down at the divination mat and decides to do a reading. It’s a flexible process, often involving negotiation with the Gods and spirits.

An oracle is one taken up by a Deity or spirits and used in a way that allows the Power in question to spew Itself through the mouth of the oracle into this world. The oracle becomes a window. There is little of the oracle’s own agency involved other than perhaps showing up. Often we do not have forewarning that we will be used in this way, and there is no translation/interpretation happening. The Deity or spirit in question is vomiting insight, knowledge, prophecy, or whatever else directly through our mouths. There is nothing of the diviner in the process.

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