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On Household Cults to the Modern Polytheist

By Hellfurian Liontari

For many modern polytheists it is often hard to maintain and identify a sort of structured and lasting tradition. This ebb and flow in cult practice often leaves something to be desired spiritually, but can easily be rectified and before long, a viable and sustainable tradition will arise. There are several steps that one must take to begin the process, and often it begins with identification and the decluttering of current household cult practices. To start it may be terrifying and uncomfortable, but in the end the result will make the devotee much more spiritually and religiously fulfilled, and the connection with the Divine will be experienced like nothing felt before. One of the biggest challenges we face as polytheists is the lack of polis cult. There are, in most cases, no modern temples to worship in, and no state altars to sacrifice at. That leaves us with only our household cults and that is why it is so important to make sure we have a strong and firm foundation.

Let me first start by sharing my personal experience with household cults. I was raised Catholic in an Irish/Italian home. My father is strict Catholic, while my mother is more occult in interest. From an early age I was exposed to witchcraft, and at 12 I had my first altar which I set up and maintained according to Paul Huston’s “Mastering Witchcraft”, one of the first books I read on the subject. This structure of cult was one I maintained through my early 20’s. At 18 I began studying with an informal Wiccan coven and felt no need to deviate from what I had learned. I felt no need for any other gods as, at that time, I viewed all gods as facets of one god and one goddess. It wasn’t until I met my current partner that my cult radically changed, and it was all because a goddess showed Herself to me and challenged everything I believed.

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