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What is Women’s Ritual and Why Do We Need It?

By Kimberly Moore

[Snip] As a Spiritual Woman, a Priestess and a Daughter of the Goddess, my personal and public practice has evolved to working almost exclusively with women in women-only circles and rituals. After several years of working in and leading mixed groups, I found that I truly treasured my time with women. In women’s gatherings, I was able to shed some of the masks that I inherently held in place when men were around. My emotions, my thoughts, my creativity all flowed in a greater way when I circled and performed ceremony with women. One of my greatest joys is to see the light of a Goddess Seed activate and flower within a woman, leading her to a deeper recognition and communion with her true self. As a Priestess, my mission has organically evolved to doing what I can to activate and nurture those Goddess Seeds.

Inevitably, the question “What about men? What about the Goddess for men?” comes along and to that I have a personal answer: I have to be true to the facet of service to which I am called. I have to honor the joy in my soul in facilitating Goddess connection with and for women. It does not mean that I have no consideration of men. It just means that my primary focus is on the counter-swing to patriarchy and working with women who are seeking the connection to Goddess. I believe that reclaiming Women’s Spirituality and Women’s Ritual is absolutely vital for the care and sustenance of a woman’s soul and when a woman is empowered and centered, there is a natural resonance with the rest of her life.

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