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Exploring “Alternative” Spirituality

Telling you what I wish someone had told me

By Tracey Paradiso

[Snip] 1.As a spiritual seeker, you are not doing anything “wrong.” I have no doubt that the first spiritual seekers go back to the first seeds of consciousness. As to those pangs of guilt you feel thanks to any patriarchal, controlling messages with which you were raised: Soothe them by reassuring yourself that if the Goddess path, shamanism, paganism or whatever spiritual path you are considering is not for you, you can always return to your original tradition, with all the gratitude in the world for it being there to welcome you back. For now, you are allowing yourself to consider possibilities that you have every right to explore.

2.Pay attention to how your heart and soul feel, and what your thoughts are, as you study and practice new ways of being. If it feels good, nourishes you, and makes you feel connected to Spirit, yourself, and/or to The All, it probably merits further exploration.

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