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Science, Medicine, and Bad Advice

By Nornoriel Lokason

So in the go-round of posts within the pagan blogosphere on the topic of calling out the elephant in the room of anti-Western-medicine sentiment in the pagan community, I have seen a couple comments elsewhere where people have said something to the effect of “I’ve told people to go off their meds because doctors just throw them at people and it does more harm than good.”

I feel the need to address this issue in particular.

First and foremost. Unless you have an actual MD after your name which was given to you by years of medical school. Do not. I repeat. Do not. Tell people to go off their medication. You are not a doctor. You are actually attempting to practice medicine without a license, which is illegal in this country. Moreover, though you may mean well, you are probably doing harm in suggesting this, more harm than that person staying on their medication. Which means it’s downright unethical, which is worse than illegal. Let me remind the audience that this sort of crap is a big part of why I stayed unmedicated for close to eight years, and I won’t rehash where that got me, but it’s a pretty sad story.

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