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Divination, Knowledge of the Future, and Free Will

By Galina Krasskova

If we have knowledge of the future can we truly be said to act and choose freely?

I think this is perhaps the most common misconception about divination. Divination is a translation of patterns and potentiality; it is not a recounting of some immutable future. There are always choices. Wyrd, the flow of all that has been, all that is, patterning all that will be is created and woven from our choices, our actions, and our inaction. It’s ever shifting. Moreover, part of the power and skill of a good diviner is the ability to shift and change what divination reveals is most likely to occur. Nothing is ever set in stone. “Fate” is a framework within which we have tremendous freedom of action. When we incarnate, we’re dealt a certain hand, based on our own past lives, based on ancestral debt, based on many different things but we have both the choice and opportunity to meet those challenges wisely and well. We can almost always change a predicted pattern.

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