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Nature’s Law and Our Relationship with Animals

Pagan Activist

[Snip] When talking about veganism with Pagans, one of the most common things that comes up is the relationship between predator and prey. . . .

In a discussion spurred by my comment on Michelle’s blog, a friend brought up rabbits. Rabbits breed really fast. A good number of rabbits from each generation are likely to be eaten by predators. If they didn’t breed so much, likely the species couldn’t continue. However, if there were no predators around, rabbits, like humans and many other species, would continue to breed until they outstripped their resources. Then there would be massive starvation. Where death by a predator is gruesome, terrifying, and hopefully quick, death by starvation is slow and miserable.

One of the things vegans most often get asked is what we think of lions. Are they moral to eat other animals? Should they stop? Should we stop them? A lot of the time this is disingenuous but not always.

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