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Power Before Wisdom Primer: Learning Magic the Dangerous Way

Reviewed by Erin Lale

[Snip] This book has both beginning and intermediate level magical practices in it. Beginning level magic includes grounding, shields, and other basic practices. However, it’s not aimed at beginners. One thing that really resonated with me was that “the basics are the secrets.” More advanced magic users can get more out of the basics than they got the first time around, and should revisit them. New levels of understanding come from more practice and more openness to experience rather than more new techniques.

Another thing that had me nodding was that using magic casually can screw up your life. Magic should be approached with caution. “Power before wisdom” means learning by experience, and sometimes trial and error can lead to really unfortunate errors. The author says that means one should put up with flawed teachers. I don’t completely agree, because sometimes students put up with things in order to learn that no one should have to put up with, but my personal experiences were probably very different from the author’s.

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