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Are There Questions a Diviner Won’t Answer?

By Galina Krasskova

Are there any questions you won’t answer?

There are questions I don’t like (i.e. the “does Johnny love me?” variety) but there aren’t many questions that I’ll refuse to answer. In fact, depending on how deeply I go into the divination, into the flow of wyrd, the words might just tumble out before I can even consider not answering. If i’m taken up as an oracle, that is a thousand times more the case.

There are two exceptions to this.

A. Sometimes the divination will show that the client should not be told a thing — for whatever reason. Quite often, it’s a matter of the client needing to gain the power or the character development that will come from sorting a thing out for him or herself; or perhaps knowing in advance will shift the wyrd too drastically in ways that will not benefit. Sometimes diviners will get what we tend to colloquially term ‘gag orders.’ We’ll go to attempt to tell the client something, and the Gods or ancestors will simply not permit it. It can be rather amusing to watch a diviner try to speak a thing, only to actually choke on the words, or as a diviner to open my mouth to say one thing and have something totally unexpected tumble forth. It can be frustrating for client and diviner alike to be unable to answer a question, but when this happens — be it a ‘gag order’ or something coming up in the reading that specifically indicates that the reading should stop or that a question cannot or won’t be answered–there’s usually a compelling reason.

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