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The Gods Are Not for Sale!

By Danu Forest

There’s no doubt about it- we live in modern, changing times, when the old religious power structures and dogmas of the past are being rapidly over turned and quite rightfully, often treated with disdain. That’s good. Free thinking, and free expression are wonderful things and we should be grateful that we can on the whole, in the West at least, practice our spirituality freely, according to our own ideas and inner promptings. There shouldn’t be a problem with that- should there?

Well, sadly, there is sometimes. With the power to be our own clergy, comes responsibility, or the consequences for the lack of it.

What about the gods? Do they change when we do? Have we created them for our needs, or do they exist independently of us? And what about the good things that tradition holds, the accumulated knowledge and experiences of our ancestors, or our cultural heritage? Is everything up for grabs or to be casually thrown away as we reclaim our spirituality in the ‘new age’? Too often I hear these things treated with disrespect and ignorance. I’m not an expert on world religions, or other spiritual or magical paths- but when it comes to my own Celtic tradition, hearing things like the Morrighan is ‘now’ a mother and peace goddess, Danu is a crone goddess of winds and snow, and Rhiannon is essentially now the Celtic Aphrodite I don’t see the Great Goddess/s reclaimed, I see cultural erosion and destruction.

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