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Spirit-work and Self-care

By Nornoriel Lokason

I am a spirit-worker – my life is not my own, but lived in full-time service to the Powers… in my specific case, the Vanir. (I have other intensive relationships with entities outside this pantheon, but I would not define them as service-oriented.) I have been dismembered, killed, and reborn in my astral body, with corresponding energetic and psychological changes; I have had my life blown apart and re-assembled in the way the Powers think it ought to be, with nothing getting in the way of my Work.

It can be hard, as one whose entire life is bound up in “the spooky” (as some of us call it), to keep a work/life balance, because the Work is my life, and I cannot escape it (I tried). But I have experienced burnout before, which took the better part of three years to recover from, and even now, I periodically have to evaluate how I’m doing, and shift my load-balance as needed.

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