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Liber Nigri Solis, by Victor Voronov (ed.)

Reviewed in Living Traditions

Liber Nigri Solis is a challenging and powerful guide to the sorcery and gnosis of the Black Sun. It has been compiled from the archives of the Arcanus Ordo Nigri Solis and the Ordo Hermenticus Sinister and is beautifully illustrated. It also features a comprehensive and insightful introduction by Dr. Eva Kingsepp of Stockholm University. The quality of this volume cannot be faulted, it is superbly presented and a joy to examine even before you begin to read it’s amazing contents.

Some years ago I came across some aspects of this work online and found discussions of an early edition of some of this work but its price was way out of my reach. When I found out about the high quality edition with new content from Theion Publishing I couldn’t wait to study it, it has been re-edited, re-presented and worked into a superbly workable form and is a true delight to read and study. I should say that study is the key word – this is not a work for dilettantes or armchair occultists, it is a true grimoire that demands to be taken seriously. It is a significant work which goes way beyond the theatrics and shenanigans of so many modern so-called practitioners of the Left Hand Path, in other words it is the real deal. It certainly offers a truly antinomian gnosis based firmly in a deep knowledge of the dark path. It is especially useful as it enables us “lone wolf” sorcerers to follow its procedures through personal rituals including self initiation as well as providing guidance to those within groups and orders.

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