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Evolutionary Astrology: What the Moon's Nodes Mean in Your Chart

By Deva Green

No discussion of evolutionary astrology can begin without first mentioning Pluto. In evolutionary astrology, the natal position of Pluto symbolizes the core evolutionary desires/intentions of past lifetimes, while Pluto’s polarity point reflects the current evolutionary intentions. Similarly, we can look to the Moon’s nodes to see how the evolutionary journey within any given lifetime will take place consciously on an emotional level as we make the transition from our evolutionary past to the future.

The South Node of the moon presents the past lifetime’s egocentric structure of the Soul. It reflects how the Soul has consciously integrated the evolutionary intentions of the past (again, this is similarly symbolized by Pluto’s natal position). The South Node of the Moon represents the Soul’s prior self-image.

Conversely, the North Node reflects the Soul’s evolving egocentric structure, and forming self-image for the present lifetime and beyond. It is how the Soul will consciously embrace the current life’s intentions (also symbolized by Pluto’s polarity point). The Soul will use the specific dynamics reflected in the North Node to facilitate its evolutionary transition as it breaks patterns of the past and embraces the lessons of the future.

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