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The Essential Enochian Grimoire, by Aaron Leitch

Reviewed by Gesigewigu’s

Considering everything that has been written on Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian system in the last century and a half, one can’t help but wonder what could be considered “essential” for an Enochian grimoire. Where does one start? What is included? Which Enochian systems? Which elements? Leitch admits this was a challenge when sorting out the material and decided “[i]t must present a simplified overview of the entire system, thereby allowing the student to see the whole proverbial elephant before focusing on the trunk, ears, legs, or other elephantine components in detail.” Again though, with all that Dee wrote, and all that has come since, a simplified overview is not an easy task.

The focus of the text is “Dee-purist Enochiana, meaning it will not borrow material from any of the sources that came after the man himself passed away.” Personally this is exactly the type of book I’d want. There are neo-Enochiana books galore, but very few focus on just Dee’s work, without the later synthesis of the Golden Dawn, and while I don’t have issues with the Golden Dawn adaptations of Enochian materials I would like to see them as they originally were. Unfortunately when you exclude the appendix and introductory material the ratio of Dee-purist against neo-Enochiana becomes 13 to 8, meaning really the focus is less than two thirds of the text.

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