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Shamanic Plant Medicine – Salvia Divinorum, by Ross Heaven

Reviewed by BadWitch

There’s an interesting new series of books out about shamanic plant medicines by Ross Heaven. Each title is about a specific teacher plant and is intended as an introduction to the subject with clear facts on ways the plant is used in shamanic practice, as well as the risks involved.

I picked up the book Shamanic Plant Medicine – Salvia Divinorum: The Sage of the Seers because Salvia Divinorum is something I have myself used twice in the past, but found both experiences a bit confusing. I hoped the Shamanic Plant Medicine book would help me make sense of what happened.

The first time I tried Salvia Divinorum was many years ago at a music festival. My partner and I bought it at a legal herbal high stall one sunny afternoon when we were in a mood for experimentation, then smoked it in the comfort of my beloved old camper van. The effect – well, we both felt rather disorientated. It didn’t last long, but wasn’t pleasant either. We both decided it wasn’t something we would ever try again.

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