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Tides in Personal Druidry

By Nimue Brown

What we do isn’t necessarily a linear ascent, becoming ‘better’ Druids year on year. When I started, I was very focused on the wheel of the year as represented by the eight standard festivals. I worked extensively with the four directions and all the associations that can be brought into that circle. I studied cycles of life and correlations between the elements and pretty much everything.

After a while this started to feel reductive, a limiting narrative. I became interested in approaches to ritual that weren’t seasonal, and more nuanced ways of thinking about seasons. They aren’t events after all, but subtle shifts from day to day. I started looking at landscapes and thinking about ritual circles that responded to the land rather than the arbitrary four directions.

Then I started to find ritual forms too restrictive, needing something more fluid, responsive and of the moment. I came to explore contemplation and just being in a space with people in a non-ritual way. My practice became much more about walking, presence, quiet communion. Things it gets ever harder to point at and say ‘that’s me doing my Druid stuff’.

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