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Addendum to the Found Object Oracle

By Elizabeth

One thing I meant to add to that entry (and forgot) is that the process of finding objects can be in itself an oracular exercise. Basically, you decide to walk through the city for a specific period of time (at least a half hour). You ask your question and start off, and whatever you find along the way is an answer to your question. You can then keep it for adding to your FOO bag or not, at your discretion.

If you do find something, examine it carefully. What is it shaped like? What is it made of? What’s it used for, who uses it, and in what circumstances? Are there words or symbols on it, and what do they mean to you? Do you attach any particular personal meaning to the object or what it represents? Where did you find it? Is it old and weathered or new-looking? That’s how you divine the answer you’ve gotten. (If you happen to find something valuable, it’s up to you whether to keep it or try to return it to its owner, but I’d say that if you do the latter, you get both an answer to your question and good mojo for doing the right thing.)

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