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The Fetch, the Witch, and the Gods

The Stardust Compass

When a member of the Wandering Coterie travels into the Otherworld they manifest via what the Stardust Compass defines as a Fetch. This Fetch is often in the form of an animal referred to herein as the Fetch Beast (oft remaining unchanged throughout the lifetime of the witch), a variant of their current physical form (from naked to clothed, younger to older), or can even be interfaced with as an independent third-party entity referred to herein as the Fetch Partner. However, the Fetch is much more than just a beast or spirit-form of the Witch; it can oft extend far beyond (and have impacts beyond) the simple traversal of, and interactions with, denizens of the Otherworld at this unique point in space-and-time.

Note: the term ‘Fetch’ is utilized within other strains of Traditional Witchcraft, frequently with highly differing variations as to it’s meaning. Like other pieces of the gnosis driven materia forming the Stardust Compass, this too has it’s own unique variants on the definition compared to sister-paths.

“I shall go into a hare,
With sorrow and sych and meickle care;
And I shall go in the Devil’s name,
Ay while I come home again.”

Isobel Gowdie, 1662

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